Nena Leverman
Nena LevermanHead Chef
“I believe food should taste as good as it looks and should be made with love.”

Nena developed her passion for the Ottawa food scene while working at Fraser Café. She then spent some time abroad, honing her skills in both cooking and pastry in Melbourne, Australia. Having made the unlikely career transition from engineer to chef, Nena brings an unusual blend of rigour and creativity to her work. Nena developed the menu for Working Title Terrace and Sunday Brunch. She’s excited to develop seasonal menus offered in a beautiful space that’s so full of history and loving memories.

Dougall Passmore
Dougall PassmoreChef Private Dining
“I am convinced that guests can tell when the Chef has fun shaping a menu and creating new dishes. A sense of lightheartedness is the most important ingredient in every kitchen.”

Having cooked in some of the most competitive restaurants across the country, Dougall aims to host every experience he’s had at allsaints event space. Whether inspiration is drawn from the traditional french stylings of the shore club or the hospitality focused experience of the canadian rockies, the sky’s the limit for you to curate your perfect dining experience.

Leanne Moussa
Leanne MoussaFounder and Managing Partner
“I love walkable cities with a sense of history. I want my kids to feel grounded in a place and connected to their neighbours, that was the inspiration for adapting allsaints and launching Working Title Kitchen.”

Over the last decade, Leanne has led community movements to save a neighbourhood daycare and transform allsaints into a community hub with a bakery, restaurant and event space.

Passionate about urban development, Leanne has mobilized community stakeholders to purchase and re-purpose two historic buildings in Ottawa, collectively worth over $5 million. Leanne led the re-purposing and successful re-zoning of the allsaints property that will allow the heritage building to be restored and maintained for generations to enjoy. In 2017, Leanne was named by Ottawa Life Magazine as one of the top 25 people in Ottawa.

Mushtaq Qureshi
Mushtaq QureshiFront of House Manager
“The ancient proverb states when the student is ready, the teacher shall appear. What I didn’t realize was that I was the student.”
(On the birth of his daughter)

Mushtaq brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the hospitality industry, ranging from Brookstreet Hotel’s fine dining Perspectives Restaurant and Options Jazz Lounge, to management roles at the Barley Mow and Mexicali Rosa’s. He prides himself on building a team who work together to bring great service to every guest, whether on Working Title Terrace, inside the Working Title Restaurant, or in our formal private dinning settings.

Cyril Pruvost
Cyril PruvostHead Baker
“Good bread and pastries are part of who I am, a little piece of France I brought with me to share here in Canada.”

A bakery owner in Ottawa and Gatineau, and a restaurant owner in Cannes France where he was born, Cyril thrives on new challenges. He welcomed the opportunity to create a neighbourhood bakery in Sandy Hill where people can walk to enjoy fresh bread, a croissant, pain au chocolate or brioche. He is passionate about only using real ingredients including butter, sugar and non-GMO flour. Cyril also continues to operate his home bakery Lolais Yummies with his wife.

Prapti Jensen
Prapti JensenOffice Manager
Prapti sees allsaints as a project with boundless possibilities – much akin to the saying by Sri Chinmoy “The fullness in life lies in dreaming and manifesting the impossible dream”.

With over two decades of owning and operating her own small business in the Sandy Hill neighborhood (Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise vegetarian restaurant) Prapti has collected a basket full of experience and people skills that she is thrilled to offer in consort with the inspired team at allsaints Event Space and Working Title Kitchen.