Coffee Beans: Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee Beans – all shade grown from small-scale farmers, 340 gram bags all $18.50 per bag:
Ambrosia: A complex blend of 5 coffees that are dry-processed and monsooned. There is a sharpness that fades into a rich tobacco and milk chocolate taste. Hints of fruit, mushrooms, sweet smoke, caramel and cream are present within its long extended finish.
Ethiopiques: This blend of Sidama and Yirga Cheffe wet-processed coffees has a rich chocolate flavour with a nice hint of blackberries and notes of jasmine. The chocolate roast taste is clean, pungent and long lasting on the palate. It is incredible served as espresso or a brewed coffee.
Little Italy Blend: A sweet mild espresso. Mild acidity with texture in the mouthfeel. Aromatic qualities come through with the Central American coffee Beans. This espresso is roasted to full city, a lighter roast that develops more of the region flavour profiles.
Dark and Decaf: A blend of tope grade beans naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. Expect a carbon-pungency with a good finish and full body; the signature of a dark roast. Its difficult to believe this is a decaf. Good as an espresso or a brewed cup.