Leanne Moussa

Founder + Managing Partner

“I love walkable cities with a sense of history. I want my kids to feel grounded in a place and connected to their neighbours, that was the inspiration for adapting allsaints and launching Working Title Kitchen.”

Over the last decade, Leanne has led community movements to save a neighbourhood daycare and transform allsaints into a community hub with a bakery, restaurant and event space. Passionate about urban development, Leanne has mobilized community stakeholders to purchase and re-purpose two historic buildings in Ottawa, collectively worth over $5 million. Leanne led the re-purposing and successful re-zoning of the allsaints property that will allow the heritage building to be restored and maintained for generations to enjoy.

Ricci Binch

Executive Chef

Richelle-Leah otherwise known as ChefRicci, was born on the little Australian island of Tasmania. She is a third generation chef that at a young age cultivated her love of food in her own fruit and vegetable backyard garden. She went on to earn her first cooking medal at the age of 16 in a competition against chefs from all over Australia.

Chef Ricci was classically trained in French cuisine, however she loves to put a fresh and colourful twist on all she creates. Heavily influenced by her global travels and the Australian approach to food, she combines a uniquely flavourful approach to cuisine.