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Leanne Moussa founder of allsaints event space and working title kitchen
Leanne Moussa
Founder and Managing Partner
“I love walkable cities with a sense of history. I want my kids to feel grounded in a place and connected to their neighbours, that was the inspiration for adapting allsaints and launching Working Title Kitchen.”


Over the last decade, Leanne has led community movements to save a neighbourhood daycare and transform allsaints into a community hub with a bakery, restaurant and event space.

Passionate about urban development, Leanne has mobilized community stakeholders to purchase and re-purpose two historic buildings in Ottawa, collectively worth over $5 million. Leanne led the re-purposing and successful re-zoning of the allsaints property that will allow the heritage building to be restored and maintained for generations to enjoy. In 2017, Leanne was named by Ottawa Life Magazine as one of the top 25 people in Ottawa.


pastry chef christophe

Christophe Measson
Pastry Chef
Chef Measson is a committed pastry chef with over 30 years of international experience. Born in Yssingeaux, France, he trained at le Lycée Hotelier Les Bruyêres in Saint Chamond, then worked with some of the finest chefs at Michelin-star restaurants across Europe. In 2001, Chef Measson arrived in Toronto and started his Canadian pursuit into pastry, becoming Executive Pastry Chef at the Art Gallery of Ontario, during which time his work was voted Best Dessert of 2009 by The National Post. In 2010, Chef Measson became a Baking and Pastry Professor at George Brown College, where he created and led the Advanced French Pâtisserie International Program.
Prapti Jensen
Prapti Jensen
Office Manager
Prapti sees allsaints as a project with boundless possibilities – much akin to the saying by Sri Chinmoy “The fullness in life lies in dreaming and manifesting the impossible dream”.


With over two decades of owning and operating her own small business in the Sandy Hill neighborhood (Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise vegetarian restaurant) Prapti has collected a basket full of experience and people skills that she is thrilled to offer in consort with the inspired team at allsaints Event Space and Working Title Kitchen.